Curriculum Vitae et Studiorum
Personal Information:

Elisabetta Macrina, born in Catanzaro the 10th of May 1948.
Her residence is in via Firenze 25, Rome

University Training

· Degree in Law obtained at the State University "La Sapienza" in Rome
· Degree in Utroque Jure at the Lateranense University in Rome
· Degree in Classical Studies at the State University "La Sapienza" in Rome
· Degree in Science and Technique in the Public Opinion at the international University "Luiss" in Rome
· Degree in Psychology

· Diploma in Pianoforte at the Conservatory "S. Pietro a Maiella" in Napoli
· Diploma in Musical Direction at the Conservatory of S. Cecilia in Rome
· Degree Certificate in Architecture at the Roman Academy "Hotech"

Post Degree Specialization
· Triennial Specialization at the Rotale Office, Piazza della Cancelleria in Rome
· Sociology Specialization at the "Luiss" University
· Clinical Criminology and Legal Psychology Specialization at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome
· Specialization as Diplomat and Archivist at the State Archive in Rome
· Specialization as Archivist at the Vatican School of Archive
· Revision Course in "Sexual Education and Teenagers. Love and Body Language" at the Papal University "S. Tommaso D'Aquino"
· Revision Course in "International Adoptions and Hague Conventions" at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome
· Specialization as Gestalt's Consultant (triennial course obtained at the Gestalt School in Rome - Communication and Relationship in how to deal with stress in the environment of work
· Specialization at the Mental Health Government Department of psycho diagnostic of panic attacks
· Prof. Macrina took part in the studies for "The Internationalization of EU Law" at Bologna for "The British Council"
· Specialization in Italian and Foreign Family Law: separations, divorces, annulments and adoptions
· Specialization as family consultant especially for the communication in the family, parent's role, right motivation to adopt: from the ideal child to the real one, how the family can deal with the problem of addiction to drugs
· Specialization as family Consultant (triennial course at the Psychotherapist Consultants School of Padre Luciano Cupic - Via della Pigna 13a - Roma)
· Specialization in Law for minors in Italy and in France (biennial course)
· Specialization in "La Defense des enfants", obtained in Paris at the Institut de formation continue (FC) of Paris
· Participant to the "Traveaux et missions confiès à l'Antenne des Mineurs" in Paris
· Specialization as trustee in bankruptcy obtained at a biennial course of the Bar Association in Rome
· Course of specialization in "Funding to the enterprises" organized by the ISPI (Professional Institute for Development in Italy); course for Management of firm
· Course of specialization in Law in the Economy especially: banking, exchange, documents of title, enterprises, financial market, problems of the Net Economy
· Specialization in Industrial accident law and Compensation for damages annual course in Rome
· Specialization in Labor Law
· Specialization in Admiralty law
· Specialization in trusts of the common law
· Specialization in European Community Law with regard to the following areas:
Other Specializations
· The system of Community Law, by Emilio Cappelli, attorney at law
· Labor Law, by Raffaele Foglia, Counsel of the High Court
· Protection of Competition, by Mario Siragusa, Attorney at law - Professor at the Bruges University
· Protection of the Environment, by Andrea Bianchi, Professor at the University of Siena
· The Discipline of the Building Contract, by Alfonso Mattera, Director of the European Commission - Professor at the Bruges' University
· Trends of Industrial Law, by Professor Stefano Sandri (Alicante)
· Protection of the Consumers, by Guido Alpa, Professor at the State University in Rome "La Sapienza"
· The Community Tributary Law, by Piero Adonnino, attorney at law - Professor at the State University in Rome "La Sapiwnza"
Professional Activity
· For three years Vice Mediator at the VIII Office in Rome
· For more than ten years Vice Pretore at the III and IV Section of the County Court in Rome
· For a triennial Vice Private Attorney at the Roman Procura
· Professor AT THE University for a period of sixteen years
· Curator of Minors as appointed by the Tribunal of Minors in Rome
· Member at the National Convention organized by E.F.T.A. (European Family Therapy Association) in Napoli with the subject "Risks for Families in a multi-ethnical society
· Member at the International Convention organized by the Roman University at the presence of the Minister of justice and the Minister of Social Affaires on the subject "International Adoption and Hague Convention"
· Referee at a meeting on the subject "Family today" organized in Rome at the at the Roman Town Hall - Campidoglio
· Counsel for Sick Persons' Rights
· Member at different Summers Gestalt- Training like "Stress and Motivation" and at International Training
· Trustee in bankruptcy
· Member of the Italo-British Lawyers' Association
· Member of the European Lawyers' Union
· Participant at the Stage organized by "The British Council with the British Italian Law Association" at the inter department Center for Researches of the European Community Law at the University in Bologna, "The Internationalization of EU Law"
· Participant at the Stage organized by the E.F.B. (Ecole de Formation professionnelle de Berreaux of the Court of Appeal of Paris) on the theme "Rencontrez sur la formation de l'Avocat en Europe"
· Active collaboration to the development works at the Stage: 1) "EC Law Cyber Meeting Point"; 2) "Exchange des experiences dans le cadre du Droit Communitaire"
· Participant in London at the "Stage 1997", organized by the Bar Association of England and Wales on the theme "A strategy for the future - European law in 2020"
· Trustee in Estate in Abeyance
· Lawyer at the Tribunal for Minors
· Lawyer at the Romana Rota
· Lawyer in marriages
· Civil lawyer, Criminal lawyer and Administrative lawyer
· Participant at the National Convention on the theme "Prevention and Repression of the unlawful toward public health" organized by the Medical National Association - State Police
· Lawyer at the European Court of the Human Rights in Strasbourg
· Member of the European Lawyer Association
· Participant at the National Convention organized by the International University Luiss on the theme "The Economical Judiciary in the European Union"
· Participant at the Seminary organized by the Italian Law Institute on the theme "After twenty years from the Reform: the great questions still open concerning the Family Law"
· Member of the National Association for the Minors
· Participant to the Convention on the theme "Addiction to drugs: problems and solutions" at the presence of the Council of Ministers and the International Institute of the United Nation for the research on criminology and justice"
· Written Member of the Register of Psychologists in Slovenia and collaborator with the Psychologist branch of the Slovenian University with regard to the industrial psychology and working psychology


· Golden Mercury Award of the European Community given by the National Association "Onoreficenze Cavalleresche" in 1996 during a National Congress on regard to the professional activity carried out and to the prestige obtained as lawyer
· Martin Luther King Award for promoting peace in the world with her professional activity
· International Poetry Award in 1976 given by the Foundation of poets, writers, painters and journalists
· Certificate of merit given by the Literary Center of Lazio
· Certificate of merit and medal given by the city of Riccione (Italy)
· Title in Criminology given by the "Security Consultants Group and Criminoly" in 2001
· Award for her social support dealing with immigration problems given by "the Italo-Columbia Association" in June 1998